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Dec 9, 2009
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Seattle, Washington
Perhaps I was a little harsh with my criticism, however "lost in Kentucky" is not a phrase I'd like to use very often. My wife who isn't a big fan of technology (or anything that takes attention away from her) was giving me all kinds of grief when we were looking for a Marriott and followed the Droid, only to find nothing on this backwoods country road.

For the most part, the turn by turn has been spot on. For each nav session, I used the voice search, and sometimes it couldn't find the name of the business/road.

It's a good tool, a neat toy, and I'm sure it will save my bacon a few times.

Is that a good enough mea culpa? :)

Sure. Just picked on you at random. :) Frankly, I'm not surprised that Google Navigation isn't the very best of breed. It's not, after all, the primary purpose of the Droid. Even at that, however, it has had a serious negative effect on sales and stock prices of dedicated GPS devices.

And for me personally, it has virtually eliminated a long-standing temptation to spend several hundred bucks on a GPS to use when I travel.


Jan 26, 2010
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The two times it led me astray was once in a new neighborhood (about 3 years old) and then out in the country. All in all it has worked fairly well. It re-routes faster then most stand alone GPS units.