An Important Question Concerning Locale/Language Setting on Droid 2 roms!


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Oct 20, 2010
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Hello. This is the first time in my life ever I'm posting something on the online forum; I hope this works out. Also I am actually totally blind and speak English as a second language, so please understand if I make any accidental mistake; thanks in advance.

Well, I'm Korean and therefore, have been looking for ways to possibly set Korean as a main language for my Droid 2; I know that on the stock rom, such option is not available. So are there any custom roms out there that include Korean as one of the locale settings? When I had Droid 1, roms like "Ultimate Droid" had a Korean option, that pretty much set the entire phone UI in Korean. Honestly I didn't want to switch over to Droid 2, but my original Droid had a genuin malfunctioning one day and when I requested for warranty replacement, Verizon unfortunately didn't carry that phone anymore; so I ended up switching over to Droid 2. I tried applications like "More Locale 2" and "Set Korea" from the market, but it only changes few menus in Korean at best. Could anyone please give me a hand on this? I especially welcommed Angdroid's fission Rom as that seemed like a generic stock rom; but even on that rom, I only see English and Spanish and when I use the apps mentioned above, it still translates limited functions into Korean. Would there be any way to include Korean Language UI support into the stock rom? Otherwise, could any skilled rom developer out there please add support for Korean on their roms, like Fission? Alternatively, if all that fails, would there be any way you can point me on possibly translating the system on my own; like are there any simple method of doing so? I absolutely don't have any programming skills what so ever; in other words, I'm a complete newby. when I say Korean language support, I'm looking for as comprehensive support as Nexus One Korean rom or at the very least, Ultimate Droid Rom for Droid 1. And this might be an obvious question, but I can't just use that rom from Droid 1 on Droid 2, can I? I did searching on Google for hours, but couldn't find anything.

Please reply as soon as possible. Thanks a lot once again. Take care!