Amazon Echo Can Now Share Your Fitbit Stats


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Dec 30, 2010
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Austin, TX

"Alexa, ask Fitbit how I'm doing today." That's the new phrase which you can now ask the Amazon Echo which will give you your latest Fitbit stats. Of course, you must first activate this functionality from within the Amazon Echo app, but once you do that, it's one of the coolest new skills that "Alexa" can learn (also assuming you use a Fitbit fitness tracker).

The reason this new skill is so impressive is that it does even more. While that first phrase will give you a basic overview of your activity, you can also ask more specific questions regarding your Fitbit stats, such as how much activity you have tracked or how you slept for the previous seven days.

Amazon's voice activated assistant can even take a slightly more active role in your fitness process. Alexa can offer up inspirational/motivational comments depending on the time of day or your level of activity that day in your Fitbit stats. One example given is when you ask the Echo about your step-count, she uses your Fitbit stats and might respond with, "You have taken about 4,500 steps and have been active for around 20 minutes today,” before adding, “Just keep going.

In fact, the folks behind Fitbit programmed between 50 and 60 statements which Alexa can share in response to questions. Basically, the Amazon Echo has effectively given your Fitbit its own proxy voice! Just awesome!
I don't own a Fitbit or really care to after all the annoying commercials, but the Echo sounds like such an awesome device.