Amazon Echo Broadens Ecosystem with New Third Party Home Automation App Support & More


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Dec 30, 2010
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Not too long ago we shared a story about how Amazon was opening up a developer SDK so that third party apps will improve the Amazon Echo ecosystem. They call the new third party development platform Skills. The seed of that idea has begun to bear fruit. Several new home automation apps and a few other notable big names are now available/compatible with the Echo.

First, Alexa now works with Leviton, Lightify and Cree smarthome products. For the Leviton and Lightify products, you will need to pair the Amazon Echo with a Wink hub. Cree bulbs are also Wink certified, although they are not specifically named by Amazon.

On top of these home automation products, StubHub now works with the Echo's Skills. There are a couple of additoinal cute apps available called Math Puzzles and Crystal Ball. Overall, it may not be much, but it's a solid start, especially in the home automation sector. We can't wait to see what Alexa will be able to do next!

Source: ZDNet
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