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Aug 11, 2011
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So hello!

Just a quick intro. I live in Hawaii, yes its beautiful! But it cost a fortune to live here and I could go on forever about what most ppl don't know about Hawaii but I won't.

I actually am a moderator of another non phone related site. But to get to the facts I round this forum and couple others.
How I found this place was, well I got tired of the Verizon run around. Having computer experience was a bonus but sell no real help. But this place and one other helped me learn alot! I mean I went from android os dumb to now undeestaning operations. Verizon tech boy! I am not sure how they rated #1 in wireless. But they were absolutely no help. I read here mostly, since this forum was semi-verizon oriented.

I have 2 DROIDX's purchased at sometime, same store,same sales lady, the y were basically identical. We ended up with both weird issues after an update and then our bill is whacked some how. So here I am! Here to learn and here to help where I can. I read and learned all about android eos. But I like the challenge of new things like this.

So enough for now! Its late here
well ALOHA KAKAHIAKA!! welcome to the forum. always glad to have people of Hawai'i join in the fun. Enjoy ur stay bruddah....