All Ringtones Disappear Upon Restarting Phone


Nov 29, 2011
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Cincinnati, OH
Hey everyone,

I am having what is a rather odd issue, and is actually something I experienced once in a great while with my OG Droid (my phone for 2 years until I got the GN). Sometimes when I restart my phone, by holding the power button and then pressing "Turn Off Phone" then waiting 30-120sec before turning it back on, once powered up and connected to the network and everything, my ringtones are gone! When I go to settings to change them back, it says "Unknown Ringtone" for both notifications and for incoming call ringtone. If I press either one to change it, rather than the "pop up" menu with two dozen ringtones, I get a pop up menu with the only option being "Silent"...

Has anyone else had this problem? Is this a known issue, and if so is there any known fix? I am putting all potentially pertinent information below to assist because many of you guys/gals on here are far more knowledgeable about Android (Linux) than I am (I know Windows-based PC's like the back of my hand, but Linux is foreign to me). Again, I really appreciate any help!

My Phone
Samsung Galaxy Nexus (Purchased 12/15/2011)
Android 4.0.2 (Not Rooted/"Unlocked", Factory Everything (ROM/Kernel/etc))
Baseband Version: I515.09 V.EK05 / I515.EK02
Kernel Version: 3.0.8-gaaa2611 (android-build@apa28 #1)
Build Number: ICL53F
PRL Version: 52642

Disabled Apps
(Total: 19)
Verizon: VZW Backup Assistant, Verizon Login, Videos, MyVerizon Mobile
Google: Talk, G+, Maps, Books, Earth, NFC Service, Street View, TalkBack
Other: Android Keyboard, Document Viewer, DRM Protected Content Storage, Email, Exchange Services, News & Weather, Voice Dialer

Downloaded/Installed Apps (Total: 12 + 2 Google Apps)
- Adobe Flash Player 11.1
- Android Pro Widgets (only use the calendar widget)
- Facebook App and SyncMyPics App
- Fancy Widgets (I use the 4x3 Widget on my home-screen; set to update q6h, manually-entered location)
- Fresh Network (occasionally use to help with WiFi)
- GNOfficialUpdate (checks to see if your updates from from G or VZW)
- Yahoo! Mail (like it better than stock "Email" client)
- Google/Android: Market, Music
- SMS Backup+
- SwiftKey X
- AutoKiller Memory Optimizer (been playing with it, unrooted, to see if I can get better battery life; seems to help)
- DroidForums (DancingNexus)

Internal Storage
Total Space: 28.13GB
Available Space: 26.31GB
(Apps: 122MB | Pictures/Videos: 71.28MB | Audio (music, ringtones, etc): 1.47GB | Downloads: 4.36MB | Misc.: 8.00KB)

- Developer Options: Force GPU Rendering (Yes), Background Process Limit (4)
- Accessibility: Auto-Rotate Screen (Yes), Install Web Scripts (Allowed)
- Backup and Restore: Back Up My Data (Yes), Backup Account ([email protected]), Automatic Restore (Yes)
- Language and Input: Spelling Correction (Yes)
- Keyboard & Input Methods: Google Voice Typing (No), SwiftKey X (Yes)
- Security: Make Passwords Visible (Yes), Unknown Sources (Yes)
- Location Services: No/No/No
- Accounts & Sync: Sync is ON
- Yahoo Account: Sync Contacts (Yes)
- Google/Gmail Account: Sync Browser (Yes), Sync Calender (Yes), Sync Contacts (Yes), Sync GMail (Yes), Google Photos (No), Music (No), Books (No)
- Display: Brightness 30%, Auto-Brightness (NO), Wallpaper (No LWP), Auto-Rotate (Yes), Sleep After 30 Seconds, Pulse Notification Light (Yes)
- Sound: Vibrate (only in Silent), Ringtone (Orion), Notification (Mira), Dial Pad Tones (No), Touch Sounds (Yes), Screen Lock Sound (No), Vibrate On Touch (Yes)
- Wireless & Networks: WiFi (On), Bluetooth (Off), GPS (Off)
- Wireless More: Airplane Mode (No), NFC (No), WiFi Direct (No), Tethering/Hotspot (No), VPN (No)
- Mobile Networks: Data Enabled (Yes), Data Roaming (Yes), Network Mode (LTE/CDMA), CDMA Roaming Mode (Automatic)
- Data Usage (1-15-12-Present): Mobile Data On (227MB), WiFi Data On (826MB), Data Roaming (Yes), Show WiFi Usage (Yes), Set Mobile Data Limit (Yes)
- Restrict Background Data On (Only D/L Data over WiFi): Books, Maps, SMS Backup+, SwiftKey X, Media, Google Search, Music, GMail, Facebook, Videos, AutoKiller Memory Optimizer, YouTube, DroidForums, VZ Backup Assistant
*Note: I am on WiFi ~90%+ of the time, so it is not a big deal and has improved battery life with no issues

My Homescreen contains Fancy Widgets 4x3 at top (just under Google Search bar), one empty row below that, then (L-to-R): Folder (AutoKiller" ", Fresh Network), Camera, Yahoo Mail, Folder (Google Calender, Music, Market, Gmail, Youtube).
Homescreen one swipe to the right contains only the 4x5 AndroidProWidgets Calender Widget
Homescreen one swipe to the left contains only the "Power Options Widget" (WiFi On, Sync On, all else OFF)

WiFi set to never sleep, always open then close Camera immediately after reboot, I manually update all apps, I always let the screen time out on its own rather than "force close" it by pressing power button, FancyWidgets only updates once every 6hrs (or once every 3 if on WiFi), I swipe close anything I open as soon as I exit it (except for browser), I regularly back up my SMS/MMS/Call Log with SMSBackup+ and then clear them, and so on and so on...
I do everything I can to get the best battery life without "disabling" functions of my phone that I use.

I hope the above helps in some way, and sorry for it's length, I just like to be thorough (plus I keep current settings in a WordPad document so that if anything goes wrong I can simply copy and paste).

Thanks so much for your help!


Oct 18, 2010
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Rome NY
I just noticed earlier today I had about 6 ringtones I made using Ringdroid I turned my phone off and back on and have no ringtones plus wallpapers I downloaded. I hope there will be a fix for this soon

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Nov 29, 2011
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Cincinnati, OH
It seems that they eventually come back after a few hours and a few reboots, but it is troublesome...