All of the sudden, can't send long text messages


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Nov 17, 2010
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All of the sudden, starting this morning, I'm not able to send long text messages. I noticed that they were more than 160 characters and I've read around that that is a CDMA issue. It happened when I was on Sprint, but before it worked fine. I use Handcent and I didn't have the Split 160 option enabled. It would send the whole message without the need to split just fine but this morning, now I have to enable the option to automatically split. Using the stock app, I can't even send a long message at all.

I get Error Code: 1 when I go into message details. What's up with this? All of the sudden this is happening. Did Verizon's network change or what? Or does it sometimes allow you to send long messages and other times it doesn't? Kind of weird how this is just NOW happening out of nowhere.
You've been getting around it somehow, and now it's caught up with you. You can send 160+ characters to other VZW customers, but they're going to split. Sending more than 160 characters to another carrier is never guaranteed.
So pretty much nothing I can do, its just how Verizon is? Any idea why the stock messaging app won't even try to split the messages? Is this because its going to somebody without Verizon?