Alarm Clock App with Docking Station - review


Aug 25, 2011
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Kendall Park, NJ
Been using this for 2+ weeks now....and used my D1 in same manner for couple years, I find the D3 Alarm Clock App in use with the docking station to be an improvement. Keep in mind I use the docking station strictly as a charger and dock so I can use phone as alarm clock. I am aware of the issues/limitations of the docking station which have been noted in other posts/threads. Fortunately for me, these don't really affect me.

Nonetheless, here are some thoughts...

-UI is very simple
-choice to set up multiple alarms (same as D1)
-choice to have alarm start quiet and then rise to set volume
-choice to have background be the when it dims, the wall paper is shadowed behind clock digits...a cool effect!
-choice to use music loaded on SD (internal or external) as alarm, rather than just pre-loaded sounds/ring tones
-has display dimming setting
-after certain time in evening does not sound notifications for texts or emails (if you have phone set to do so)...this always bothered me...getting email notifications at 230am waking me up, and they usually were for junk emails anyhow! notification icon still shows in notification bar by the way....very smart!

-when removed from dock the phone does not return to the 'undocked' display brightness stays at whatever you have the alarm clock app/docking station setting at. I like Auto Brightness and each morning I have to toggle my phone back to this. D1 would go back to 'undocked' setting
-the phone does have a setting to shut down all sounds except for media and alarms while docked....yet if you toggle this on, the phone stays in silent mode when the brightness setting this needs to be toggled back to 'undocked' setting if you use this....fortunately the phone doesn't sound off email/text alerts anyhow, so I don't really need this option...yet, that makes me wonder why it's even there

Would be nice if...
-one of the alarm options would be to launch an app like, Slacker, Pandora, etc.
-I had one more of these....but now I forgot....maybe it'll come back to me...

Anyhow, that's it for to work....hope this helps someone out there.