Activity Dialer Not Responding

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Aug 16, 2014
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Impulse 4G
Just joined the community because I was having trouble with my AT&T Impulse 4G. I couldn't do anything phone related but everything else worked. Spoke to my nephew (the techie) and he told me if I had already shut it on and off several times and removed the battery, then the only thing left to do was do a factory reset and I definitely didn't want to do that. This phone has history.... pictures, texts, etc. So I did a google search and droidforums popped up.

I read through several threads and found one that made sense to me. I don't recall who posted it but he(?) suggested that I simply do a google search on my phone and it might work. He couldn't explain why it worked but it did. Low and behold, it worked! I can't explain it either but I just wanted to say thanks!

Can anyone out there explain this conundrum?