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Nov 11, 2009
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San Diego
droid, the dawn of a new age.

A little bit about my background, I am a software developer who cut my teeth on writing control software for power stations and satellite ground stations. I have since worked projects dealing with Internet traffic monitoring and most recently I am doing video enable web applications.

I had the opportunity when data first became available on cell phones to work a project where we were using cell phones as data back hauls for mobile satellite Internet connections. I also was a registered iPhone developer though we never released an application.

My previous phone was a Sony Ericsson P1i. I loved this phone so much that I paid retail for it. The only real downside was the lack of 3G and its (Symbian variant) UIQ O/S. This phone was amazing and I personally miss it a lot. Unfortunately is was losing its marbles and needed to be replaced.

I have never been a huge fan of the iPhone. It was too limiting compared to the P1i and I didn't want to have to jailbreak a phone just to write my own software for it. That being said, it is a phone that I would recommend to a majority of the population.

I was very excited about Android but the early products were lame. The G1, MyTouch and Cliq all felt like toys to me. I was very disappointed and was in the planning stages to buy iPhones when the Droid was announced.

You may have noticed that I said iPhones, my wife, a teacher, also needed to replace her music phone with a smartphone, mostly because of how she saw me using calendaring and contacts but also because she had some ideas about how to make use of a smartphone in her classroom. I was very nervous about buying her a droid. You may remember the saying, "No one was ever fired for buying IBM." That is the way I felt about the iPhone, even if the droid was better, you could always say that the iPhone was the safe bet. Luckily for me my wife is tech savvy and encouraged me to get the phone that was best for me and get her the same phone so that we didn't have a mix of accessories and software.

I picked my droids up on launch day at a Verizon store. We have multimedia stations and car docks. The phone is certainly living up to my expectations. I am also building up a network of friends who have droids.

I said in my opening that the droid marks the dawn of a new age. What did I mean by that? Up to now the droid market has been a niche market of early adopters. The droid marks the first of what will be many powerful handsets that will not only increase the customer base but will encourage the development of applications that have more functionality than is permitted by the iPhone.

Android will become the Windows of the handset world and Apple will be content to serve the fraction of users who will put up with a closed environment for the sake of simplicity and to feel superior. Meanwhile Android will bring significant change and become the dominant Internet connected platform.


Nov 7, 2009
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Sacramento area, CA
Welcome aboard! I would not be surprised to see Google become one of the wealthiest most powerful companies in the world. They already are probably, but it would not shock me to see them catch up to Oracle or Windows. This Android platform seems eerily quiet in the media to me given what it offers, and it's just starting out. I am really surprised how many people fan the iPhone and yet haven't even bothered to look at what is under the covers with Android. I suppose to be fair it was one of those wait and see if it takes off things, but 100,000+ Droid phones in one weekend.. that's got to say something.

I've said to many of my friends/family, get Android phones. It's the future of all phones. With tablets, DVRs, DVD players, Bluray players, cable boxes and phones all coming out with Android, along with Google's work on an operating system that will probably rival Ubuntu and build off of a linux kernel with Android and I am guessing Google Apps among other things all in one place, it would not shock me to see Google become the 2nd biggest operating system in a short amount of time. If anyone could get a linux based desktop OS off the ground, it's google. Sure, OSX is built on BSD, but they are < 10% of the market still..after years at it.

I am a java/android (new) developer myself and am extremely excitied by the potential of this platform! With all the companies Google has gotten involved.. the shear number of carriers that will have Android phones.. and the number of potential people that my apps may get in front of, it's mind boggling to think of the money many developers are going to make with no middle man, no boss, no salary... in the way. Just a 30/70 split with Google, pay your taxes, put the rest in the bank. I hope I am one of them... but even if not, a little side money and a wild ride of fun is well worth it.