a855 droid no radio


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May 31, 2010
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UPDATED: a855 droid no radio

hello, yesterday my droid got wet. i dried it overnight, put in the battery, it was stuck at the bootloader. i used rsd to send it back to the stone age of 2.0.1 and it flashed successfully. when it rebooted and got to the activation screen i noticed that my network indicator icon was grayed out with an 'x' in it. i connected it via wifi, and it promptly told me that there was an update to install, which i figured would happen. prior to the incident yesterday, i was running liquid gingerbread with the latest baseband. my question is, how do i restore my network service? thanks

EDIT: it updated to 2.1-update1, and it says that the baseband version is unknown. would it be as simple as flashing the proper baseband that was on 2.1? if so, which baseband is that?

EDIT 2: i manually updated again to FRG83D via SBF, then flashed the C_01.43.01P baseband... it still says the baseband version is unknown. i also tried ##PROGRAM to see if i needed to change some things in there, and it opens, but the 000000 password will not work... dont know what else to do other than to take it in to verizon. good thing there is that the water sticker is intact, and it is stock now ;)
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