A New Stable (4.4.5) and Alpha 3 (4.5) Build Of Paranoid Android Were Released Today!


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Oct 6, 2011
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Early this morning Paranoid Android released a few updates to its Rom including a new stable and alpha build. The update brings the stable build to 4.4.5 and the alpha build to 4.5. There has not been an official G+ post on the changelog, but these updates do appear to be pretty minor.

For the most part it looks like we have bugfixes and Theme Engine updates. Jeff McIntire of Rootzwiki gathered from PA's lead designer that the Alpha 3 build changes mostly included an update to the recents shadows. If you are a big fan of this Top 5 Rom and you must have the latest and greatest you will want to head to the link in the description to grab this rom. If you have not yet tried Paranoid Android you are missing out. This is one of the more customizable roms out and you do get custom PA features like Halo (floating notifications) Pie Control (unique navigation) and many other cool features.

via Rootzwiki