A few questions, car dock, bluetooth, music playlists...


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Aug 9, 2010
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It seemed everytime I searched a Droid X question on google, I found the answers here, so I decided to sign up. I have had my X since launch and love it. I have a few questions. Is there a way to set the phone to turn on GPS automatically when I put it in the car dock? Speaking of the dock, I have the audio out going to the input in my car. It sounds great and when I get a call it plays thorugh the stereo which is cool. But I am kind of far away from it and the people I talk to say I sound far away. Can I do something like attach a bluetooth microphone to my visor to just pick up my voice and still play the call over the car stereo?? Does such a thing exist? My next question is about music playlists. I have tried nearly every exporting program that comes up on when I search and they all put music on my phone, but none of them seem to make playlists on the phone. They just copy it. I can do that with drag and drop. I would like a way to make a playlist without having to add each song individaully on the phone. Also, has anyone figured out how to set a specific voicemail notification sound? Not the general one, but one you can set just to voicemail like you can for email and texts. That seems like a lot of questions looking back. Any info would be appreciated.