.602 to .340 sbf


Jun 10, 2011
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My friend wanted to root his phone after he saw my d2g rooted. I want to make sure that I am not missing any steps since i dont want to mess up his phone.

1. get the drivers for the droid x
2. install rsd lite 4.9
3. get the .340 sbf file
4. go into bootloader and make sure rsd lite accepts the device
5. select the sbf file and let it run
6. when it reboots go into android recovery and wipe data/ cache

I just wanted to make sure there were not any problems in this process. Thanks
Thanks but I just wanted to make sure there were no sbf problems comming from 602 to froyo.

D2G CyanogenMod7
I just did that. No issues other then needed to SBF twice in a row since the DX would not reboot fully after 1st SBF.