602 still trying to update even after manual update


Nov 21, 2009
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Here's a new one. I am getting a "Download of update failed" popup every few hours. This is after I manually updated to .602. I used used the linux disc to sbf my rooted .596 back to .340 prior to applying the update. Once in .340, I rooted with Z4 and installed D2bootstrap. Ran Bootstrap to get back to cwr and wiped everything (data/dalvik/cache/system) before installing the TBH 602 zip from sdcard. Rebooted, active phone, logon to google. Got back into cwr to restore data (only). Runs well but I get the error a every few hours.

Here's the twist... If I go into settings and check for update, I will get "An update is currently being downloaded. You will be notified when the download id complete." Sometimes the "download of update failed" will popup in that screen as well.

Any ideas?
Solution: I did a data wipe (factory reset) to solve the problem. I did it from CWR because the stock recovery did not work....odd.
I have a feeling restoring data from the nandroid backup was the problem.