4g, Activation and Roaming issues. [VZW D4]


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Jul 5, 2010
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So, I've go a Verizon droid 4, I rom the crap out of it usually switching between CM10 and AOKP when the mood strikes me. So in January I took a trip to Florida (I live in sc) and noticed once I was there I was in 3G, I thought no biggie maybe I'm not in 4g coverage, whatever. I get back to my home town (during is period I believe I was running cyan but switched back to stock during the trip thinking I'd get 4g), once back I notice I still didn't have 4g, my town has always given me 4g almost everywhere in the city especially where I live, even having a lte tower on a call center near by (reaching speeds as high as 30mbps, so awesome) . Comparing against friends phones who were getting excellent 4g clearly something was wrong. So, I left it stock a while hoping it'd fix itself (doing several factory wipes in between) I got annoyEd but I'm more interested in the process of romming than actually using it. So I flashed the latest safe strap and loaded cm10 in hopes a rom would be smarter and re-enable my lte. Wrong. So I called VZW,got a new sim, switched to stock to try and activate the sim but it wouldn't have it, failed every time, until finally I restarted it and put it into lte/CDMA only in the stock rom. Now it never said it activated but it never gave me another activation message and made 3G reappear. May I also mention no matter the rom it takes a good 3 to 4 minutes before any service will appear after boot now I know it can take a moment for service but I have to se he phone down and co e back...

[TLDR;] I went out of state came back to no 4g, couldn't activate a sim on stock till I put it to CDMA/LTE only and it got 3G and service back but no successful activation message, the same 3G and full bars persists no matter what rom I'm on.

Any suggestions on how to fix this? Or should I just get it warranted?
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