4.1.2 upgrade launched call forwarding to nowhere


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Aug 22, 2012
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4.1.2 upgrade launched call forwarding to nowhere

Android 4.1.2

System 98.72.189.xt894

Kernel 3.08-9448a95f

Not rooted

Just did an Verizon droid 4 upgrade to 4.1.2( previous number 4.04)

I don’t get a lot of calls, so I did not notice a total lack of calls coming in. Somehow, call forwarding got activated, to nowhere. I don’t notice this, as I can still make calls out. My other half tries to call me and gets “this number can’t be accessed, try using the area code, or try later.” We try a land line, same thing. Go to the Verizon store. Takes thirty minutes, two tech calls, and tech support says call forwarding has been activated.

I ask, “to what number?”. No one has an answer. The polite young girls at the Verizon desk, “hint” I may have pushed something during the install.

Really? The choices are don’t accept or reboot now.

So… the problem has been fixed. Did anyone else have problems with this update?

Prior to posting this review, I did go to My Verizon account page.

Under my phone was this message “There are no products to manage for the line – xxx.xxx-xxxx. Please go to "Get Products" section to add new features and products.”

I would have had to enter a number to use call forwarding, toll charges extra.

Thank you taking the time to read this and thanks to the volunteers who try to help the users with our problems

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Jan 21, 2010
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That's a strange one! Glad you got it fixed, but I can't imagine how you would've accidentally activated call forwarding during an update.

Not that you knew that's what the problem was until you spoke with Verizon, but for future reference, you can deactivate call forwarding by dialing (& calling) *73

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