32 gig card?


Nov 7, 2009
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Just got my droidx and am loving it! I just wanted to know if anyone has the 32 gig card and if so was it worth it and does anyone know of any good deals on one?
I have the 32 GB card - I got mine when VZW had them mispriced on their website...I am not sure if they are still listing them for $99 or not but that was $50 off retail...and if you had any type of coupon or corporate discount, it would also apply...
They still have them at VZW online store for $99 (not a price mistake... just taking $50 off as a deal/discount/promotion).

I did notice that VZW would not accept my 25% off that I normally get when buying accessories (probably due to the $50 already being taken off) but I got free overnight shipping and its great.

I was using 15gb of my 16gb card so I really needed this.

When they first put them on the VZW site for sale, they had them at the 16gb price...that was my reference to price mistake.

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Ahh, I see.

Well, I am still pretty happy with the $99 price w/free o/n shipping since I can be pretty sure it is a genuine card coming from verizon and not some knock off that you risk at other online retailers.