1.3.18 changlog


Sep 6, 2010
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Optimization for the first time shows the speed of telephone interface
Optimization analysis of the foreign phone number
Milestone repair call forwarding can not be displayed under the question calls
Fix some spelling errors T9 problem

Fixed a text issue bobble

Repair some of the old SIM card from the FC when importing contacts

Lock screen:
Add new lock screen

Add online music random play mode automatically cache the next song
Optimization of CPU usage
Optimize operational efficiency switching songs
Rejection sensitivity of mediation can not be repaired immediately Song of the bug
Fix library scanning bug (accidentally altered to solve the problem ringtone)
Repair wire reject a call press and cause the player to start bug

Camera: (in MIUI network disk download)
Add pictures after the playback (off by default can be set to open)
Optimized playback, providing the camera cut back to the delete the photos, send three functions
Optimization of key response speed, as fast as possible response to the following user operations: open gallery, switch to the camera, menu button, back button, home button
AF amendment to the problem may cause the camera fc

File Manager
Bluetooth send apk

System Settings
Corrections, the problem set click on wallpaper fc

they still havent released the 1.3.18 for the milestone yet but thats the changlog for all devices they still have running on 2.2
Wonder what the new lockscreen will look like

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Nope not till next week atleast.

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