1. K

    is it possible to merge all settings

    on my deceased husbands samsung 5 with my samsung 7 active and keep both settings/passwords/etc. he has things I need on his phone (& mine) to continue paying bills (both our emails.web addresses)... I Don't want to overwrite mine.... Thank you
  2. DroidModderX

    1 Billion Yahoo Accounts Were Comprimised By 2013 Hack.

    We were informed by Yahoo back in September that a 2014 Hack by a "state sponsored actor" left more than 500 million accounts compromised. Today we found out about a second Yahoo hack this time double the accounts were accessed and this hack was carried out by a totally different group in 2013...
  3. DroidModderX

    Breaking News Yahoo Hacked! 500 Million Account Passwords Stolen!

    You should go change your Yahoo account passwords right now! Yahoo has confirmed that at least 500 million user accounts that were stolen in 2014 have just been leaked to the internet. They are recommending that Yahoo account holders change their passwords right now. According to Yahoo the...