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  1. DroidModderX

    DeX Pad To Accompany Galaxy S9 At Launch

    DeX is Samsung's attempt at a desktop experience for the Galaxy lineup. With the DeX dock you can plug in your phone and get a full desktop UX for use with a monitor, mouse and keyboard. According to sources Samsung is currently working on a new version of the DeX dock to be launched next to the...
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    Motorola Announces Awesome New Moto Mods!

    One of the most exciting announcements that has kind of slipped under everyone's radar from Mobile World Congress was an announcement made by Motorola. They unveiled all kinds of new Moto Mods! New Moto Mods include an Alexa Mod, Gamepad Mod, and a Wireless Charging Mod. Dan Dery Motorola's head...
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    Galaxy S8 Accessories Gear VR and Faster Wireless Charger Leaked!

    We are a little more than a month away from the official release of the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S8. We know just about everything there is to know about this phone, and now we have some intel on a few of the accessories that will release alongside the S8. First up is the all new...
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    Samsung Files For Patents On New Wireless Chargers Which Are Game Changing.

    Samsung has been making the wireless charger better with every iteration. The first charge pad simply charged your Galaxy device wirelessly ,the next version added fast charging, and the latest charge pad includes a stand which makes using your phone while charging much easier. The only downside...