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    How to get rid of voicemail app

    I have an S7 Edge on Sprint. It has the stupid voicemail app installed. How can I get rid of it - it won't let me uninstall it? Or is there some way I can get the standard voicemail notification back - so when there is a a VM, I can pull down the status bar and just dial into my voicemail? I...
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    Call forwarding turns itself on

    I recently switched from AT&T to T-Mobile and have had a few issues regarding call forwarding. 1. Call forwarding will become activated even if the settings don't reflect this. It will happen at all times, and will not ring beforehand, just goes straight to voicemail. 2. Always forward is...
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    Delayed voicemail notifications on my Pixel

    I have a Google Pixel with an unlocked boot loader but not currently rooted. I'm on Verizon and running Android 8.1.0. When I get a new voice mail it takes hours before the phone notifies me. If I'm expecting a call and poll by opening the phone app and switching to the VM tab I see the...
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    Get voicemail & text to my Verizon ACCNT (notphone) even with different SIM card in phone?

    I'm going overseas. Verizon's overseas calling plan is not cheap while SIM cards where I'm going are. So I planned to buy a SIM card there and access texts and visual voicemail messages thru Verizon's PC app on my phone. But now I just talked to a Verizon phone rep who says that when I put the...