1. DaveTheRave

    Trouble with app storage - application, internal and SD

    I have a Droid Raxr Maxx, Android 4.1.2, with 16GB. Recently, when I tried to upgrade an app, and got a "not enough storage" alert. I moved a couple things around. But today I got notification, "Storage space is running out", and am concerned. I checked, and had the following amounts of space...
  2. DroidModderX

    Thankfully Some Note 5 Bloatware Is Uninstallable

    One huge complaint from power users is the inclusion of Bloatware on carrier version phones. The worst case of bloatware on the phone has to be the Lenovo K3 Note. The bloatware on this phone was so ridiculous it nearly ruined the device for me. Verizon has been pretty bad about including bloat...