1. DroidModderX

    Some Galaxy S8s Are Missing Text Messages

    The Galaxy S8 and S8+ are currently experiencing a major bug. S8 users have been reporting in the US that they are missing text messages. This bug started showing up Thursday. This bug effects users on all major US carriers. Apparently switching messaging apps is not helping either. There is no...
  2. R

    Group conversations / texting gone?

    On my S6 I was able to send texts as group messages OR click a box next to the text message to change it to send a mass text to individuals. Is there anyway to that on the s8? There is groups in the contacts app but that's a pain in the ass and doesn't let me send the mass text to individuals?
  3. A

    Get voicemail & text to my Verizon ACCNT (notphone) even with different SIM card in phone?

    I'm going overseas. Verizon's overseas calling plan is not cheap while SIM cards where I'm going are. So I planned to buy a SIM card there and access texts and visual voicemail messages thru Verizon's PC app on my phone. But now I just talked to a Verizon phone rep who says that when I put the...
  4. mikecox

    Images fail to post with text

    As a rule images I add to text messages go through without a problem, but there are a couple people I text where images refuse to post. I have discovered that if they originate a text images will post in my response make it to them . But if I originate the text the image does not post...
  5. mikecox

    Responses to a text come as a new message; not threaded

    I get responses to text messages from people who have the same provider and a Samsung phone that arrive on my phone as a new; and separate, un-threaded message. I'm told the response is sent from within the text I sent but it comes to me as a new message.
  6. mikecox

    Text messages sometimes arrive without ringing; vibrate only

    I don't understand why I don't ALWAYS get ringtone notifications when text messages arrive. Is it because I'm using a proprietary app or is it because the phone just fails to sent a ringtone with a text message arrives? This is very inconsistent. Sometimes a message arrives with a...