1. F

    Send not in contact list calls to voice mail

    Have Verizon Droid Turbo and cannot find a dialer app that automatically sends incoming calls not in contact list to voice mail. Wife's iPhone 7, with recent iOS update, provides that option. Standard Verizon dialer app looks up incoming caller ID in contact list to show caller name, so there's...
  2. DroidModderX

    HTC Is Asking Super Fans To Combat HTC U11 Naysayers

    If you have something to say about the HTC U11 you better hope it is something positive otherwise you may find yourself facing the HTC Super Fan army. With the world's best smartphone camera according to DxOMark, a great design, and the all new squeeze feature it would be hard to find something...
  3. A

    Mysterious Highly Annoying Apparition Axon

    I just got a ZTE Axon, the original one, not the 7, from amazon unlocked. About a day after setting up I sarted noticing this strange ghost that will appear on my home screens. It looks like a snapchat ghost and moves around like a facebook chat bubble. Its only on home screens, but it's still...
  4. DroidModderX

    The Best Feature Ever For GMAIL Is Here! Block and Unsubcribe

    I can't even tell you how frustrated it makes me to have to clear out tens of junk emails, just to get to the meat of my inbox. Google has done a pretty good job at weeding out spammy and scammy emails, but if you have ever made a purchase online or signed up to be notified for anything those...