smart watch

  1. Sajo

    New Wear OS Update

    It sounds like Google is ready to roll out another major update to Wear OS, starting around mid-September. I'm not sure if this will be Wear OS 3.0 or just a higher 2.something number. Some of the articles are quite lengthy, so here are some key points: Google focused on three major areas...
  2. DroidModderX

    A New Samsung Patent Imagines Smartwatches With A Secondary Display

    Samsung has patented a secondary display for smartphones. Their idea envisions a secondary display that is embedded in the edge of the watch face display. This would allow users to glance down at their watch and gather possible scrolling information from this longer screen. If nothing else this...
  3. DroidModderX

    All New Fossil Android Wear Device Coming In 2017

    Yesterday at Baselworld Fossil announced several new upcoming Android Wear smart watches. They will be releasing a few for their own company as well as some for their partner companies. The watches will release at different times throughout the year but will all include the latest version of...
  4. DroidModderX

    "IR Remote Gear 2" Allows You To Controll Many Devices!

    One thing that sets the Gear 2 smart watch apart from the others is the inclusion of an IR blaster. Yes this can be used to control your TV, but now thanks to development by "Cracksmurf" the Gear 2 can be used to control many other devices. The app "IR Remote Gear 2" adds lots of functionality...