1. DroidModderX

    Google Search Bug On Pixel Launcher Being Reported By Some Pixel Users

    Just as the sound bug is being fixed by Google on Pixel devices another major bug turns up. Many Pixel and Pixel XL users are reporting a bug with the Pixel Launcher which takes away the Google Search function. When you press the mini bar the search history fails to load, suggestions won't load...
  2. M

    Phone search not finding contacts

    Hi, I switched to a new Android 6 phone recently. After syncing, all contacts have been imported, but for some reason the phone app search function can't find most of them - but strangely it does find some, around 10%. I can see all contacts from the phone app by clicking on the people icon...
  3. DroidModderX

    Google Will Allow You To Stream Apps Without Downloading Them

    Google has started testing streaming apps! This allows you to use an app without ever actually downloading the app. The app is streamed through Google search. If your search turns up an app in the results there will be an option to stream the app. This cloud based technology will allow you to...