1. M

    Snapchat - 'Your address book is empty' / 'There was a problem connecting to the server.'

    Hello, Phone: Blackberry Priv OS: Marshmallow 6.0.1 Network: Verizon I have had this model for over a year now (2nd phone) and have never been able to get Snapchat working properly. Everything in the app works as expected except for it does not find my contacts and I always get a popup that...
  2. Jonny Kansas

    Blackberry to give up building their own devices

    In a move that may or may not surprise you at this point in the game, Blackberry has announced that they will no longer be making their own phones. Instead, they will focus on security and software products and outsource the manufacturing of Blackberry branded devices to third-parties. We've...
  3. DroidModderX

    Try The BlackBerry Priv's OS With This Emulator!

    BlackBerrry is offering up all the tools to give developers the best opportunity to make apps that work well with their new flagship device the BlackBerry Priv. Their are a few portions of the BlackBerry OS that will have to be specifically added to apps to make them fully functional on the...
  4. DroidModderX

    BlackBerry Priv Apps Ported To Any Android Device!

    The BlackBerry Priv has finally launched with much fan fare. It quickly sold out on Amazon! I am actually shocked by how well this device has done at launch. I think the main reason it stands out is because it is doing something totally different. So much of Android is painstakingly the same...