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  1. DroidModderX

    Google Offers 4 Free Months Of Google Play Unlimited For Cyber Monday

    If you just purchased a few Google Homes during the Black Friday sale you will also want to be subscribed to Google Play Music as it works best with the Home unit for playing all of your favorite music. Right now you can get a 4 month free trial during Cyber Monday. Once your trial is finished...
  2. DroidModderX

    2 Free Months Of Google Play via TripAdvisor

    Google has decided to team up with Trip Advisor. The new service will allow you to play curated play list corresponding to the destination they are browsing. If you try to launch a playlist from trip advisor you will be prompted to install the Google Play Music app. In order to promote this...
  3. liftedplane

    Google Play Music Free album of the week 9/28/15

    I've been slowly building free music weekly through google play as they sell one album free every week, sometimes it's good music, sometimes it's not. this week it's Pink Floyd wish you were here. I check every week and have got tons of albums either free or at an incredible discount.