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  1. DroidModderX

    OnePlus 5 Rumors

    It is about that time when people are beginning to ask me about my thoughts on the next OnePlus. The OnePlus 3T was one of the best mid tier devices for last year. It included great specs and software for a great price. We now have some rumors coming out of Korea regarding the next OnePlus...
  2. DroidModderX

    OnePlus Will Jump Over The Unlucky 4 In Favor Of The 5

    When I first heard this rumor regarding the name of the upcoming OnePlus flagship to be released in summer of 2017 I had to check the date to be sure it wasn't an April Fools joke. According to sources OnePlus will be skipping the OnePlus 4 and will jump straight to the OnePlus 5. The reason...