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    The Unlocked HTC 10 Will Be Among The First Devices To Receive Android Nougat!

    Nexus devices have already started to see the rollout of Android N on their devices. LG will have the first device in the LG V20 to feature the update out of the box even before the new Nexus devices. Samsung has already said they would be providing a Nougat update for Note 7 devices within the...
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    HTC Confirms Which Devices Will Receive The Update To Nougat!

    Now that we know the official name of the next version of Android you are probably wondering whether or not your device will ever receive the update. Those of us who own Nexus phones don't really have to wonder. For the most part if you have a Nexus phone that is 2 years old or newer you will be...
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    HTC Officially Announces Android N For HTC 10, One A9, and One M9!

    It was pretty easy to miss HTC's big announcement in the midst of all the Google I/O excitement. The announcement by HTC actually goes hand in hand with the event! Today on twitter during the Google I/O keynote HTC tweeted "Android N will be coming to the HTC 10, HTC One A9, and HTC One M9. This...
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    How To Root The HTC One A9!

    The HTC One A9 seems to have been quite the flop. It is HTC's mid tier offering for late 2015. It looks eerily similar to the iPhone 6s, however HTC will swear to you that Apple stole design ques from them when designing the iPhone 6. That is neither here nor there. One great thing about the A9...
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    Verizon Won't Carry The HTC One A9 Until December

    There may be a few of you interested in this mid tier device. HTC has satisfied the desire of those of you wishing to be able to run Android on an iPhone with the One A9. It has the design of an iPhone, but runs Marshmallow with the Sense overlay. Go ahead and argue with me that Apple stole...
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    Unlock The HTC One A9 Bootloader Without Voiding Your Warranty!

    HTC will be selling an unlocked version of the One A9 which will work on GSM networks like T-mobile and AT&T. One of the most exciting parts about this variant is that it will be bootloader unlockable via the HTC dev website, but wait it gets even better! Unlocking your bootloader will not void...