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    AT&T S7. Just the weirdest series of problems I have ever experienced

    I successfully rooted my unlocked S7 based on a series of xda posts. I don't know exactly the rules for outside links are, so I'll just explain that I flashed an engineering boot image than ran a fairly simple cli command. I than tried to flash a room and bootlooped. Odin'd new firmware, good to...
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    In-app google maps stays gray car2go, uber when on Data

    Hi! I have troubles with the uber and car2go app when on mobile data: Often they do not load the map of google maps. It shows me a GPS locator on the map, where the app specivic cars (uber cars, car2go cars) are, but all on a black background. Uninstall / Reiinstall does not help I tried to...
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    Mobile Data Quick Toggle Missing?

    I have tmobile and when i pull down the status bar its not there. Even in button order its not there. WTF? Even though I have unlimited data I still like to shut it off when on wifi. Its actually a pain in the ass to find it settings too. And I think theres no way to pin in to the home screen??
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    How can I get a Galaxy S4 to run in 2G?

    My friend wants to be able to run his Galaxy S4 in 2G mode but nothing we try is working. He has Android 5.0.1 and no guides seem to work for it. I tried the *#*#4636#*#* on my Galaxy S6 Edge running 5.1.1 and it worked like a charm. But when input on his phone, absolutely nothing happens. Can...