AT&T S7. Just the weirdest series of problems I have ever experienced


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Nov 8, 2017
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I successfully rooted my unlocked S7 based on a series of xda posts. I don't know exactly the rules for outside links are, so I'll just explain that I flashed an engineering boot image than ran a fairly simple cli command. I than tried to flash a room and bootlooped. Odin'd new firmware, good to go.

Fast forward 2ish weeks. Playing a game, when I start getting messages that the game can't communicate with the server. I flick down to notification panel, and where my mobile data bars should be, there is just .

I screw around with it a little, than factory reset. Not only does this not give me back my mobile connection, but I start seeing this error 'such and such app relies on Play Services to function. Your device isn't compatible with play services'.


Back to Odin, attempt to flash the same firmware as before, except Odin errors out, says device dismatch.

Download firmware for the T-Mobile variant. Flashes fine. Than I flash the previously dismatched firmware, which flashes fine.

None of this restores my data connection.

As far as I can tell, it didn't somehow become sim locked again. If anyone knows a good way to be sure, let me know.

I don't get any 'unknown Sim' messages, no matter what card I put in.

Oh, and apparently if you put an Xfinity sim in a phone and connect to an Xfinity hotspot, it logs in automatically. This S7 still does that, despite 3 firmware flashes.

I'm so bloody confused.