micro sd card

  1. ÇoachBobP23

    How to get Micro SD files off broken phone-

    Ok so my Samsung Galaxy S5 suffered internal water damage. The Phone briefly turned on, but has since shut down and won't reboot nor charge the battery, When you plug charger in it gives a yellow diamond sign showing there is a battery issue. It appears the battery is shot but possibly the...
  2. DroidModderX

    Free Goodies With Galaxy S8 or S8+ Purchase!

    A few of the top OEMs have been adding value to the purchase of your new smartphone these days by throwing in some free stuff. LG has decided to include a free Google Home and in some cases a free TV for purchasing the LG G6. Samsung has been giving away a free Gear VR to those who pre-ordered a...
  3. MarkS1110

    Moto X Pure won’t recognize the micro SD card

    My Moto X Pure freaked out today. So I restarted it. Now it won’t recognize the micro SD card. I set the card up only the phone can read it to expand the storage. Now even the phone cannot read it. Any suggestions?
  4. DroidModderX

    2 Sims 1 Micro SDCard Mod For Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge!

    The hybrid micro SD card and sim card slot tray on the Galaxy S7 is only intended to house 1 sim card and one sdcard, but with a little hackery you can actually use 2 sims and 1 micro SD card! Before you consider attempting this mod know that it could damage both your phone and your sims and...