1. C

    Xiaomi Mi5 facing sleep of death issue. Please help!

    My Mi5 is facing a weird issue. Have jotted down all details below. Has anyone else faced this issue? What is the fix? Please help! 1. The phone works fine as long as the screen is on. It does not hang or face any issues. 2. After locking the phone, the screen does not come on (this...
  2. DroidModderX

    Xiaomi Mi5's 4-Axis Optical Image Stabilization Is The Coolest Thing Announced At MWC!

    Xiaomi just announced the Mi5 at Mobile World Congress. This is a phone we expected to release around the time of CES, but Xiaomi said they wouldn't release it until it was perfect. This is a behemoth of a device for under $400. To bad we will likely not see it in the US any time soon. This...
  3. DroidModderX

    Xiaomi Mi5 Specs Leaked Ahead Of MWC

    The phone that I am least likely to actually get hands on time with that most excites me is the Xiaomi Mi5. This device is expected to be launched among other Phone juggernauts at Mobile World Congress. The phone should be announced on February 24th, but GizChina has received some insider...
  4. DroidModderX

    Xiaomi Mi5 Camera Samples Hit The Web Prior To Release

    Xiaomi's latest flagship will be ready for release later this month. Xiaomi's CEO stated late last year that he would rather be late with a perfect product than on time with a sub par product. While we are expecting a premium metal design it looks like we can also expect a pretty great camera...
  5. DroidModderX

    Xiaomi Mi5 With Snapdragon 820 Pops Up In GeekBench!

    You have to take these early benchmarks with a grain of salt since they are so easy to fake. That being said we may have confirmation that the highly anticipated Xiaomi Mi5 will have a Snapdragon 820 on board as previously rumored. A device called "Xiaomi gemini", which is rumored to be the Mi5...