1. kimiix17

    Need help with account sync settings please!

    I recently changed phones from the HTC Desire 510 to the HTC Desire 626, and am having trouble with the Accounts & Sync settings. When I go to add account, there is no facebook option even though I have the app, am logged in on the app, and have sync enabled on the app. However, what is there is...
  2. Duke of Advil

    Solved Un-binding txt from FB Messenger

    I just upgraded to Marshmallow about 2 weeks ago and now when I receive txt messages they appear where I normally get my txt and Messenger. Can someone please help me un-bind these? I do not need 2 notices to clear out and I like keeping these separate. Thanks.
  3. DroidModderX

    Even More Diverse Emojis For Facebook Messenger

    Ever wanted to send your friend an emoji, but the emoji selection excluded your race or gender? Yea me neither its a yellow circle, ive never really had the time to get worked up over it. Over time though Emojis have become an extension of our personality and who we are as people. Why not...
  4. FoxKat

    Solved Without warning, no notifications from Facebook Messenger anymore

    I am no longer getting the notifications, not sound or vibrate, yet they are turned on. I've rebooted but that hasn't solved the problem. I haven't reinstalled Messenger but will try that I suppose. Any ideas? Droid Turbo