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    Droid Maxx won't turn on

    My Droid Maxx just straight up froze and then turned off randomly while charging it. It had a good 80% or so when it did this. Now nothing will show up on-screen when it's plugged into the charger, holding the power does nothing, same when holding the power + vol down (I tried both for at least...
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    Droid Maxx 2 won't turn on

    I have a Maxx 2 that was charging and found to be stuck in the middle of the boot logo (The Red circle like thing) It was warm so I unplugged and it immediately turned off now despite being plugged into the charge it will not turn on. I have tried power and volume down with no luck. I have...
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    Camera issue

    Hello. I have a Droid Maxx. Android Version 4.4.4. I started having problems with my flash not working as a flashlight in a third-party flashlight app. Then the camera stopped working. Rather, it stopped working in normal camera mode, if worked in snapchat and instagram. Now it doesn't work in...