1. N

    Location based alarms?

    I just upgraded to the S9. On my old phone, I was able to set alarms to locations so that they would only go off, for example, at work. I'm unable to find that option on the S9. Yes, Location Services are turned on. Any ideas? This function was really useful for me and I'd hate to be rid of it.
  2. Tony_Stark

    LOCATION FOUND - Lock Screen?

    Howdy all! I have the Galaxy S7 Edge and I thought I had a handle on setting the notifications for my lock screen, but this one has me stuck... I have a constant "Location Found" on my lock screen. I have cycled through all app permissions and turned them off and there it sits. Has anyone...
  3. C

    Super annoying notification sound with location services enabled

    I recently upgraded my Galaxy S5 from Lollipop to Marshmallow. Now that I can prevent some apps from having access to location, I've been leaving location enabled in High Accuracy mode for better weather, etc. and I'm noticing -- being really annoyed by -- a notification that I think was in...
  4. D

    Cancel agreement to "Use enhanced location service"

    I don't want to "Agree" to Google's "Use enhanced location service", but yesterday (after turning on 'Location') I accidentally clicked Agree, and now I want to undo that. How do reverse my agreement? (Galaxy S4; Kitkat 4.4.2) Daniel