1. Wilsondrake

    Finally it is time that my Note 5 has started to hang and render blank screen.

    I have this phone for the past 2 years and finally what has been told about other Samsung phones is being experienced by Note 5 too. Any suggestions ?
  2. DroidModderX

    Pixel 2 Camera Exhibits Strange Banding Under LED Lights

    In most conditions whether it be low light or bright natural light the Pixel 2 takes incredible photos with natural yet vibrant colors, industry leading dynamic range, and unmatched clarity. That being said the camera is exhibiting some strange behavior under LED lighting. Some users are...
  3. DroidModderX

    Pixel 2 Units Making Weird Sounds For Some Users

    The past several days have not been very good for Google when it comes to hardware. Some are calling the Pixel 2 XL launch a complete and utter failure thanks to the issues with the display. Now we are getting the first small complaints with the HTC made Pixel 2. It seems some users are...
  4. C

    Xperia m4 aqua wifi issues

    Hi, Im new in the community I'm having this issues with my xperia m4 aqua: 1. Phone finds wifi connections and appears to be connected with good signal but there is no internet (even at my home or work wifi) 2. Phone doesn't find any wifi connections, and if it does the network appears only...
  5. DroidModderX

    LG G5 Full Review : MEH Or Masterpiece?!

    LG is no stranger to risk taking and innovation. They were one of the first major OEMs to place the power and volume buttons on the back with the LG G2. Now they are the first to market with a modular design. Plagued with criticism and negative feedback by many of the tech reviewers at launch...