1. V

    Any WPS server application?

    Hi all, My Android Version : 6.0.1 I want the application for wps,by using this application my android phone working as a server or wifi provider or master or router. Can anyone provide some application.?
  2. DroidModderX

    How To Get Unlimited Verizon Hotspot Data For $50 Per Month!

    Verizon finally reintroduced their unlimited data plans. This time with a few caveats. You are fully unlimited until you hit 22GB at which point your data is de-prioritized. You get included Hotspot with 10Gb of unthrottled data with the new unlimited plans. What if you wanted a more robust...
  3. R

    Nougat just killed my WIFI

    I Have the old UDP and when my phone just upgraded to Nougat. Pooof no more wifi hotspot . I am a little torqued.
  4. GROMAddict

    Deal Alert Smart Converter Cable for Music On-the-Go for Android phones and other news from GROM Audio

    See our newsletter for details on the latest release of our smart converter cable from Android phone to car stereo. Now you can enjoy full control over what's playing in your car with your Android phone! This and other great offers - including mobile Hot Spot - and news this month only with...
  5. C

    Trouble with root + build.prop won't save edits on reboot (Need Hotspot)

    Hi all.. I am having some issues with both rooting and modding my build.prop. My ultimate goal right now is to have a stable root, on essentially stock rom, with a modded/bypassed native tether app (I have unlimited data and verizon blocks it). I am having issues with both processes, and if...