1. Jonny Kansas

    Blackberry to give up building their own devices

    In a move that may or may not surprise you at this point in the game, Blackberry has announced that they will no longer be making their own phones. Instead, they will focus on security and software products and outsource the manufacturing of Blackberry branded devices to third-parties. We've...
  2. V

    Samsung Tab S2 9.7" Hardware Buttons failed - How to power device on

    Hello all! As i stated in the title above, I have a Samsung Tab S2 9.7" (SM-T815) where the hardware buttons have all failed on the side of the device (Power, Volume up and down). This tablet has USB debugging enabled, however I have been unable to find a way to power it on through this...
  3. DroidModderX

    Crisis Averted! Nexus 6P Does Not Have Blowable QFuse

    When I read the headline "Nexus 6P has hardware fuse which blows when bootloader is unlocked", I asked myself if it was April Fools day already. If you have been around long enough then you know that some devices actually did have a fuse back in the day. The Motorola Droid X was the first...