1. K

    is it possible to merge all settings

    on my deceased husbands samsung 5 with my samsung 7 active and keep both settings/passwords/etc. he has things I need on his phone (& mine) to continue paying bills (both our emails.web addresses)... I Don't want to overwrite mine.... Thank you
  2. sweenbeen

    Issue with Background Data - Pls Help

    Hello all, Recently I have been experiencing an issue with background data. Suddenly my phone (Droid Turbo running Marshmallow, stock non-rooted) has been acting up. I do not receive any notifications which require use of data unless my screen is unlocked or even forced to look. This includes...
  3. RyansGirl101302

    Better Email?

    Coming from iPhone, we LOVED the email interface and how easy it was to use. On our Note 5 and LG v10 we hate having to use the gmail app so that we have all our email clients in one place. The app is cumbersome and awful to use. Any recommendations for an app to use similar to the iphone...
  4. DroidModderX

    Gmail Security Bug Allows You To Spoof Your Email Address

    Here is a troubling new bug only found in the Gmail Android app. Utilizing a bug in the Gmail app you can go to your account settings and change the display name. Your actual email address will then be hidden and the email recipient won't be able to see it. Simply add double quotation marks...
  5. DroidModderX

    The Best Feature Ever For GMAIL Is Here! Block and Unsubcribe

    I can't even tell you how frustrated it makes me to have to clear out tens of junk emails, just to get to the meat of my inbox. Google has done a pretty good job at weeding out spammy and scammy emails, but if you have ever made a purchase online or signed up to be notified for anything those...