1. G

    Could I have some help identifying what these files are please?

    Hello, I don't quite know what these files are that I found on my tablet. I think the first (seen in the attached picture titled "1.png") could be an 'installer' file for the app called "Ebook Reader", but I'm not sure... As for the second one (seen in the picture attached titled "2.jpeg") I...
  2. P

    Solved My File Manager looks different and my phone is slower.

    My File Manager on my Alcatel Dawn phone looks way different now and my phone is performing slower. Was this an update or do I have some sort of virus?
  3. DroidModderX

    AirDroid Update Brings Keyboard Sharing Support!

    AirDroid is one of the best Remote Access Tools for Android available on the market today. It has always been the go to tool for accessing photos and files from your phone. With the latest update comes a feature called AirMirror. AirMirror allows you to see everything on your Android on your PC...
  4. H

    I need help ASAP

    Two weeks ago I was in a motorcycle accident. Both the LCD screen and the outer screen are destroyed because of it. I need to recover my files but I cannot figure this out. I have some priceless photos and videos on there and it'd make this whole situation much worse if I couldn't transfer the...
  5. DroidModderX

    ZV5 TOT File For LG LS991

    Some one was nice enough to release the ZV5 TOT file for the LG LS991. This file can be used to flash your device back to stock. You may need this file for prepping a phone for sale, or if you flash an incorrect file in custom recovery. If you are already familiar with flashing a TOT file to an...