1. DroidModderX

    Play Youtube Videos In Th Background On Any Android!

    One of the best places to find great music and all sorts of cool podcasts is Youtube. Listening to your favorite music playlists on the Youtube app means you will have to kill some serious battery life as your screen will need to be turned on. Of course you can pay for the Youtube Red...
  2. sweenbeen

    Issue with Background Data - Pls Help

    Hello all, Recently I have been experiencing an issue with background data. Suddenly my phone (Droid Turbo running Marshmallow, stock non-rooted) has been acting up. I do not receive any notifications which require use of data unless my screen is unlocked or even forced to look. This includes...
  3. DroidModderX

    Easily Customize Your Nav Bar with "Navbar Apps"

    One of the best features of some Roms is the ability to rearrange and customize your navbar. Being able to add some flair to your navbar makes it less boring. With the "Navbar Apps" app you no longer neet root or roms to customize your navbar. With this app you can add which ever background...