1. Krystal Jones

    This is Krystal Jones

    Hello friends! I'm Krystal Jones, a skilled Animation crafter. My portfolio is testimony to my creative powers and video animation skills to improve websites and marketing processes. I fully understand user experience and thus able to build explainer videos that are easy to understand, navigate...
  2. DroidModderX

    Fan Made Indiana Jones Cartooon Is Incredible

    In unrelated but awesome news Patrick Shoenmaker has released a short 1 minute and a half intro to what would be an incredible Indian Jones animated series. He has spent the past 5 years perfecting this very piece and it looks like his work has payed off. The Indiana Jones franchise as we know...
  3. DroidModderX

    Home Button Flower In New Nav Bar Related To Google Assistant

    A few weeks back the new nav bar for Nexus devices was leaked. We started to see some themes arrive that included the new nav bar, and there was even a flashable zip to add this nav bar to whatever Rom you are running. The most intriguing part of the new nav bar is the "flower" home button. Some...