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  1. E

    Motorola 3G Incoming problem

    Hello, For last few days, I am facing incoming call problem in my motorola 3g phone. I can call to anybody but if anyone try to call me then they receive a message that the phone is busy. Actually phone is not busy. Even the phone ring tone also not working. I talked to my sim card customer...
  2. DroidModderX

    Chainfire Adds Some 6.0 Support To CF-Auto-Root

    CF-Auto-Root is a root method for Samsung devices that allows you to root your device without the need to first flash a custom recovery. This method is great for anyone who prefers to stay on the latest and greatest builds as installing a custom recovery can keep OTAs from installing...
  3. DroidModderX

    CyanogenMod 13 Release 1 Is Finally Here!

    We finally have a stable build of CyanogenMod 13, and with perfect timing seeing how Google has just started to tease Android N with developer preview builds. All CM13 builds have been nightly builds which has meant if you were going to run them you were going to run the risk of having bugs...
  4. DroidModderX

    Rooted Marshmallow For The Nexus 4!

    Even Nexus devices get end of lifed eventually. The Nexus 4 is an aging device and as such has not been updated past 5.1.1. Who knows if this device will ever see an official build of Android Marshmallow 6.0 from Google. If your phone works and you love it why replace it? Well one good reason to...