1. bbdylan91

    Could not complete your request

    Hi there! I cannot access Outlook account on Samsung Galaxy S8. Error message: Could not complete your request What's going on? please provide a fix.
  2. car0llle

    Solved No Wifi/Mobile Network after I closed my account

    I have an LG G3 and this morning I woke up to it not being able to connect to any kind of internet/wifi. I have tried home wifi, work wifi and my mobile data. It says "Connecting..." and then turns to "Saved". I rebooted the phone, forgot and connected again to the networkS, all with no luck. I...
  3. DroidModderX

    Pokemon Go Farming Is Now A Thing

    Have you let Pokemon Go take over your life yet? Yea me neither. This game has seemingly taken the world by storm, and I can't go anywhere without seeing at least 2 or 3 people staring at their phones and bumping into things. Before you get too mad at them or make fun at them consider this...