1. T

    Cannot access videos after 7.0 update on encrypted SD card

    I recently encrypted my SD card and this morning I updated to 7.0. On boot SD card was said to be corrupted. I put SD in old phone then moved pics to PC. Then reformatted card in current phone and moved pics back to SD card. I can only see pics/vids from prior to the encryption. Why can't I see...
  2. Jonny Kansas

    Nougat finally arriving for Nexus 6 devices "in the coming weeks"

    File this one in the "It's about time" drawer. Android Police is reporting that Nougat will finally be coming to Nexus 6 and Nexus 9 lte devices in the coming weeks, though they have no concrete timeline at this time. This is another in a short list of very strange occurences with the Nougat...
  3. DroidModderX

    CyanogenMod 14 Makes It's Way To The Moto E 3G

    CyanogenMod 14 is being worked on for many devices, but is now available in unofficial builds for a few devices. The latest device to receive the unofficial CM14 build is the Moto E 3G. For now working elements include Booting, Audio, Camera and Photos, Video Playback, WiFi, Single SIM RIL...
  4. DroidModderX

    The Unlocked HTC 10 Will Be Among The First Devices To Receive Android Nougat!

    Nexus devices have already started to see the rollout of Android N on their devices. LG will have the first device in the LG V20 to feature the update out of the box even before the new Nexus devices. Samsung has already said they would be providing a Nougat update for Note 7 devices within the...