1. DroidModderX

    Deal: Xiaomi 1080P Wifi Camera For $24

    If you are interested in setting up a wifi security camera system inside your house you may be detoured by the shear cost. Something like the Nest Cam will set you back $200 for a single camera. Xiaomi has their own version of the camera. Their wifi camera is 1080p and includes night vision. The...
  2. DroidModderX

    31 QHD and HD Wallpapers For Your High Res Smart Phone

    Even the cheapest of smartphones these days comes with a 1080p screen. The only device that is really kind of behind the curve on high def displays are the iPhones. The iPhone 6s has a display slightly higher res than 720p. Most Android flagships these days come with a 2K QHD display! If you are...
  3. DroidModderX

    Enable 1080p 60fps Video Recording On The LG G4

    The LG G4 has a best in class camera, especially when compared to flagship phones of early and mid 2015! The camera features 1080p and 4k video recording, but the camera is even more powerful than its software gives it credit for. The stock camera will allow you to record in 1080p at 30fps. The...
  4. DroidModderX

    Reduce Moto X Pure Screen Resolution To 1080p For Increased Battery Life

    I am getting pretty excited about the Moto X Pure. I ordered mine as soon as pre-orders went live yesterday. There have already been some early reviews of the device. Engadget is reporting Mediocre battery life. Now people are looking for every way possible to solve any battery issue that may be...