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    I asked tp76 to change my section name and then the next day we got the themed apps section so what I'll do is use this thread as base with links to the threads or whatever.. Just as not everyone came over to this neck of the woods if they had anything besides a D1 or DX, I figure not everyone will know to go to the new section...

    I have a love for theming and even though my stuff has come across as "too much" or "intense", my goal as a themer was to make my phone look totally different than stock..and that's exactly what I did... I spent 10 months doing non-stop porting to multiple devices and roms of my 9 themes. Most of my inverted apps were from theBowers with my own touches or Kameleon'd Out... about 2 months ago I decided it's time I branch out and be completely on my own (besides teaming up with ecsnead on some stuff) and be able to invert an app by myself.... Then I went farther and started doing transparent apps and I really like the look.. anyway, as of now, my goal is to keep up to date with any updates for the apps I theme or decide to theme in the future but I don't use my phone like normal, so I don't always see the updates so if you are running a themed version of an app and it updates, plz go to that thread and post that it updated so I know.. Thanks to everyone that has supported me and rocked my themes.. and follow me on Twitter (yes, I have it inverted and transparent..:D ) @B_boytm cause I release a lot of my themed apps to my followers a day or 2 before I release it to the forums... Enjoy! Here's the link to all my themed apps..
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